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How to Get Same-Day Appliance Delivery in a COVID World

By July 7, 2020 No Comments

In construction, remodeling, or even simple DIY projects, appliance delivery has become a challenge because of COVID-19. It often takes a week or more to have an appliance delivered to your door. 

So what can you do to ensure your project isn’t held up by delivery delays or unexpected shortages? 

Rely on TommyRun

TommyRun delivers differently, acting as your personal runner for appliances. Using our app, you can request a time for our runners to pick up an item from any supplier and deliver boxed appliances to your door the SAME DAY!

That’s right, SAME DAY DELIVERY for appliances! 

You benefit from TommyRun’s seamless functionality: 

  • Simple, no-hassle app that makes scheduling your door-to-door delivery a breeze.
  • Drivers using cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency and speed up the delivery process. 

It isn’t just the technology that sets TommyRun apart. The secret to our success is the excellent TommyRun team members. We work collaboratively with drivers to make their jobs easier and drive better customer results. 

Enjoy personal service, safety, and communication:

  • Drivers communicate directly with you throughout the delivery process, providing updates along the way. 
  • A personalized experience that takes your needs into account. Your appliance will be delivered safely to your door at a time that’s convenient to you!
  • Contactless delivery that minimizes risks for our runners and our customers. 

Conditions change quickly, and you need a delivery service that adapts and rises to the challenge. TommyRun is ready and able to deliver your appliances today!

Schedule Your Appliance Delivery! 

Ready to have your appliance delivered to your door? It’s as easy as 1-2-3. 

  1. Download the TommyRun app 
  2. Select “Pick Up My Order”
  3. Schedule your delivery

It’s that simple. Put TommyRun to work for you today!

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