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Technology Builds a Strong Foundation for Your Construction Business

By November 9, 2020 No Comments

All too often, technology is viewed by the construction industry as one area of investment among many. It’s true that builders must balance competing needs, but technology should not be viewed as a tradeoff with labor, materials, and other aspects of your business. 

In fact, technology determines what is achievable in those other areas. 

For example, you might need 10 men to move a pallet of bricks, but one man with a truck could do the job on his own. While this example is a bit obvious, it speaks to a larger principle: investment in technology allows you to do more with less.

Here are a few business areas where you should be investing in new technology: 

1. Project Management

Managing a construction business is a complex, ever-changing challenge. You must balance competing needs, anticipate the unexpected, and adjust to industry changes.

Project management software enables you to better track the progress of various jobs, estimate the monetary and time investment for new plans, and maintain a “forest view” of the operations of your business. 

By providing accurate estimates of cost, such software also allows you to identify waste, inaccurate estimates, and other resource allocation issues. With these issues identified, you are able to actively course-correct, improving efficiency for current and future projects.

2. Tools, Equipment, and Operational Technology 

It’s fairly intuitive that new equipment increases efficiency. The challenge is determining when upgrades are worth the expense. 

To maximize efficiency when upgrading, create a hierarchy of the different equipment your business utilizes. Balance the increase of efficiency from an upgrade and the importance the particular equipment has in the course of your business against the cost. 

3. Marketing and Growth

Construction is a customer-driven business just like any other. Marketing to new customers and maintaining established relationships are critical to long-term growth. 

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a useful tool in this effort. It enables you to better track the status of deals, the unique needs of customers, and other areas necessary for maintaining a strong connection with your customer base.

Remember, even the best business in the market won’t make a dime without customers to buy those services.

4. Delivery and Supply Acquisition

Delays at the construction site mean money out of your pocket. Too often, a project is paralyzed due to delays in acquiring supplies. This challenge has plagued the construction industry for generations, but no longer. 

At TommyRun, our goal is and has always been to leverage new technology to improve the efficiency and profitability of our customers. That’s why we offer a seamless ordering process that enables builders to get the materials they need delivered straight to the job site. 

Rather than sending skilled team members off the job site to pick up supplies, they can focus on the project at hand while we handle pickup and delivery. 

Ordering is easy through our intuitive app. In minutes, you choose the materials or appliances you need and specify the exact delivery instructions. We offer deliveries from all major suppliers as well as your local favorites.  

No lines, no delays, and no worries. TommyRun is the future of delivery for builders. Learn more at

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