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Win The Race: 3 Ways Suppliers Will Gain More Customers During COVID-19

By July 27, 2020 No Comments

Imagine you’re about to start a race. You’ve trained for months, you’re ready to go. Suddenly, the announcer comes on to let everyone know the race has been delayed. You suddenly find yourself very prepared with nothing to utilize that preparation for. 

That’s how construction suppliers felt during the first quarter of this year. The industry was essentially on hold, facing delays and shortages as international trade slowed and stopped. 

However, now it’s time to put back on your running shoes. The race has been rescheduled. As trade restarts around the world, now is the moment to make up for lost time. 

1. Take advantage of the increased opportunity in the market.

The pandemic caused a shakeup in every industry. As some firms exit the market, new opportunities for business have opened up. 

This is the perfect time for outreach. Delayed projects have created a surplus of opportunity, established players have been disrupted, and restrictions on construction require innovative new solutions for suppliers. 

All in all, it’s never been a better time to disrupt the market. 

2. Provide unique value for clients. 

COVID has created a unique working environment. Providing high-quality service while maintaining safety standards has been challenging for the industry. 

Here’s our advice: look at the current environment as an opportunity to provide unique and differentiating value for your customers. 

Your ability to effectively respond to safety requirements and find innovative solutions will win the lasting loyalty of your customers. 

The fact is, we’re in a grey area right now. Your customers need supplies, but they also need safety and minimized risk. Utilize your expertise to support them. 

3. Partner with alternative sources of business. 

The market shakeout and new restrictions have allowed for new entrants in other markets as well. 

Construction companies, transportation businesses, and builders are also innovating and creating new ways to provide value to their clients. 

Take advantage of these new opportunities for business. Create solutions to augment and accelerate these new lines of business. 

This brings revenue and growth, but it also enables you to set your brand apart from other businesses with your specialty solutions. 

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Our goal is to provide high-quality supplies with an effortless delivery experience, and that is easier working with a trusted network of suppliers. 

That’s where you come in. 

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